My first international contest

My first internacional contest was the Love Song Project and It was quite the experience.

Mostly because I didn’t take it seriously. I had a song, change it a little bit and basically force it to be a love song.

I wonder why I didn’t win….

Anyways, altho you might think what a stupid person. Why she didn’t took the opportunity serious? The answer is pretty simple, I was tasting myself If I was capable or not to do that sort of big contest. I was really insecure about my song and a bit scared actually.

Inferiority complex is quite common.

But! I did it anyway and I didn’t win but I did gain a lot. Because now I have the confidence to participate in other contests and feel good if I don’t win because not winning is part of the experience too and you can gain a lot.

It’s weird isn’t it. People always talk about the winners but they never think about the ones that lost and how that also affect them. Sometimes in bad ways and some in good ways.

Thank god it was a good way for me