But first! Let me introduce myself…

My name is Kiara Echevarría. Im a 23 years old peruvian instrumental composer and piano teacher. I currently have 11 students and I teach approximately 14 hours a week. Its not bad but as you can see I have alot of free time. So, if you think that in the rest of my day I compose like crazy… Let me tell you, you are very wrong, in fact I haven`t compose anything in the last 3 months… If not more. The answer is very simple. Lack of inspiration.

But Kiara! You are a musician you are supposed to be creating things all the time nd playing all day piano and things like that!

Im sorry if I dissapoint you but no. Most of the time Im in my computer watching randoms tutorials on youtube, being with my bofriend (who is also a musician) and giving clases. Altho I have plans to change my routine this is what I`ve been up to this far..


And now that I wrote it is sort of sad actually